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A Different Approach

Better Candidates, Higher Acceptance Rates And Lower Failure Rates

Most people can see the usual way of recruiting 'in demand' talent doesn't work, yet everyone carries on regardless. ( Read how it actually makes things worse, here.) They keep doing things in exactly the same way and unsurprisingly, they keep getting exactly the same disappointing result.

We got tired of following the same depressing path. So we started searching for a better way.

We went back and analysed over a decade's worth of recruitment campaigns that were all aimed at recruiting in-demand candidates. We kept what worked and we learnt from everything that didn't.

The result was an approach that solves many of the inherent weaknesses found in the standard recruitment model :
  • The standard approach misses the best candidates. Instead, they all fight over the easiest, most visible 'targets'. This encourages the recruitment of  sub-optimal candidates, whilst driving up salaries for  and increases failure rates.
  • It forces a doomed approach on you. We're not 'locked' into only one solution that's not even designed for in-demand recruitment. This almost certainly leads to disappointment and a waste of your time and money.
  • Increases competition from rival organisations. Most approaches actually encourage competition - often deliberately.
  • Nasty surprises late on in the recruitment process are much too common - and it's getting worse. We use exclusive candidate management strategies that keep you ahead of any remaining competition.
  • Unrealistic negotiations from candidates We restore the balance of power between you and the candidate.
  • Too many candidate rejections. Increase the likelihood that the right candidate accepts your offer - and that they stay enthusiastic right through to their start date and beyond.
  • Future recruitment never gets any easier. You can build on our approach to make the next time you recruit more economical, more successful and less stressful.
Who will it work for?

We have had excellent results with organisations that have struggled for so long and have suffered so many disappointments that they had all but given up. By using our approach, we are sure that your success rate will increase. Not only that, those stress levels will finally fall back to a long-forgotten 'normal'!

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