DF Selection – 1/3 Of The Cost Of Alternatives

1/3 Of The Cost Of Alternatives

1/3 Of The Cost

Example Cost for a role with a 70k Salary

Agency at 20% of Salary
DF Selection       

£695 upon commencement + 6% of Final Salary when Successful = £4895

Why Do We Charge An Initial Fee?

Premium, Focused Marketing

We use it to invest in premium marketing. Without this, we would be in the same position as everybody else. We would be either relying on free adverts that only the wrong people see or 'subsidising' the advert by making it deliberately vague so it can be used as a 'trawler net' to fill up a candidate database for other roles. Whichever way, the chances of your success will plummet. (You can read more here - "Why job adverts for in-demand candidates usually fail." and "How recruitment agencies can make more money from bad adverts.")

Professional, Creative Advertising

Knowing we are investing to reach the right people, we can craft a more focused marketing message that targets only the best candidates. To make sure this happens, we use professional, creative copywriters.

We measured the response rates between a specialist writer and a seasoned recruitment consultant who had written hundreds of job adverts in their career.

The best writer outperformed the recruiter by three times!

The best writer working with a recruiter outperformed the recruiter working by themselves - by three times! That might not be important in standard recruitment, but with in-demand recruiting, where there are often few available candidates or competition is fierce - it's crucial.

Why Do We Include A Commission?

We employ some of the most experienced recruitment consultants in the industry. We’ve made this investment because it significantly affects the chances of the right person accepting your offer. It’s imperative that the people who are speaking to your candidates have credibility and are able to set themselves apart from the usual recruitment consultant.

Why Are Our Fees So Low?

Our success rate is higher, so we don’t have to cover the cost of as many failures.

There are many reasons for this, but they tend to fall into three areas:

  1. We only take on roles we think we can fill.
  2. Our approach gives us the best possible chance of success.
  3. Our business philosophy frees us from many of the 'sales distractions' that seem to plague the recruitment industry.
How Can You Be Sure It Will Work For You?

If you’ve suffered disappointment before, it’s understandable that you might be ‘cautious’.

Ultimately, as with any recruitment, we can’t guarantee success. However, we can give you clear, logical reasons why this time, you can risk being at least cautiously optimistic!

You can read more here.

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  • A Higher Success Rate

  • Faster Results from Instruction To Offer Accepted

  • Works Successfully In All Industries

  • Latest IT Ensure Your Project Runs Smoothly

  • No More Constant Interruptions.

  • Latest Recruitment Technology

  • Compliance integrated from the 'ground up'


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