Some help enormously, whilst others almost always make things worse.

New Ideas In Recruitment

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It seems like every other week a new idea emerges that claims it will revolutionise recruitment. Some have been successful and helped enormously, whilst others have actually made things worse. (Some recent social media techniques have been nothing short of a disaster…)

Why We Need You

We have a three-step process to ensure that we (and you!) avoid embarrassing missteps, whilst taking advantage of what works as fast as possible:

1. Throwing Out The Rubbish And The Re-Hashed.

After decades in the industry, we know that some ideas just won’t work. In fact, very often they are just recycled versions of old ideas that have been proven not to work! 

2. Controlled Experimentation

If it looks to have promise, we put it into direct competition with our current ‘best’ approach. If it comes even close to competing, we break down the formula to see if we can fine-tune it specifically for UK in-demand recruitment. We then re-check results to see if we have a winner!

3. Your Input!

We release our findings to you and ask you to evaluate and try out any part of the approach that seems appropriate to you. We then collate your results (anonymously) with everyone else’s to produce a final report along with our recommendations.

Naturally, everybody who contributes gets a copy of the finished report.

You also get access to all previous ‘New Ideas In Recruitment’ reports here.


If you are interested in taking part, contributing your opinions or maybe you just have a question, then please let us know. 

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