Expensive training won't stop people making what they already know is the wrong decision.

The Easy Way to Stop Recruitment Disasters

Organisations spend a fortune on training trying to avoid recruitment mistakes. Yet no matter how much money and time they spend with training companies, mistakes keep getting made.

We are often called in after someone has made a recruitment 'error'. That means we have been 'on the spot' to interview hundreds of people to find out what went wrong.

We've found in the vast majority of cases, a lack of training is NOT the reason the wrong person got picked.

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They KNEW they picked the wrong person BEFORE they made the offer!

The reason is usually the same. They couldn't get the person they needed, but they were desperate for 'somebody'. So they made a choice that they knew was high risk because they felt they wouldn't get anyone 'better'. 

Even when the inevitable happens and the person doesn't work out, it's often argued it wasn't a recruitment mistake, just a necessary, logical choice.

It was framed as a binary decision and it was better to have them than have nobody.

Even those that could have waited for the right person could justify why they chose not to. They didn't believe the right person would just 'turn up' and whilst they delayed, they risked losing recruitment support or even authorisation to recruit.

...and then they do it again!

The worst thing is that when the 'new recruit' leaves and it's time to choose their replacement, nothing is likely to have changed. All the decision-making rationale remains the same and so, the cycle begins again...

The effect on staff morale and productivity can be disastrous.

The 'Real World' Solution.

Most people know how to pick the right person - if the option is available to them. Therefore, increased training won't help them eliminate recruitment disasters. It's far more effective to concentrate on attracting the right people in the first place. That way, people won't feel 'forced' into making the wrong choice. 

It's a win-win for both the organisation and the new starter:

  • The organisation gets the person they wanted the first time. This increases team productivity, lowers costs and reduces staff turnover.  
    The candidate starts in a positive environment, rather than with a question mark already above their heads.

In fact, the only ones who tend to lose out are the training companies!

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