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Intelligence Led Head-Hunting

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Headhunting is for crucial roles where you have a specific type of person in mind. This usually falls into one of three categories:

  1. Someone who has achieved extraordinary results at a competitor.
  2. A business objective that requires someone with very specific experience.
  3. There's an industry-wide shortage of talent that seriously threatens your business growth.

We developed our approach after analysing and monitoring countless search assignments over a twenty-year period. You will notice several key advantages:

Intelligence Led Head-Hunting

Better Candidates at Lower Costs

If you feel that agencies might be the way forward for you, but you've become frustrated by the experience, then our approach might be right for you.

  • Lower the cost, speed up the process and identify better candidates. We help you leverage your own market intelligence and pass the savings back to you.
  • 'Genuine' talent - not the usual responders that everybody else gets. Our approach identifies and attracts the real talent - free of competing organisations.
  • Marketing that isn't diluted or conflicted. Most try to appeal to all types of candidates and attract new clients - all in one space! This will put some off completely and for those who still agree to meet with you, it will create a less receptive attitude. (See the difference - www.dfsearch.com)
Headhunter's Shortlist Disappointing?

Ever eagerly awaited the shortlist only to be left disappointed?

Bad Headhunting Can Cause Even the 'B List' to Reject You

It's bad when your top choice turns you down. But if your 2nd and 3rd also say "no"...That's crushing.

Intelligence Led Head-Hunting

More Successful Meetings

We make sure the opportunity is taken seriously, valued and approached with the proper 'attitude'.

  • 'Realistic' salary negotiations. The right approach can mean the difference between a sensible discussion about salary and an unchecked ego with a misplaced sense of worth!
  • Reassure 'careful' candidates. Initial contact and preliminary discussions require a delicate touch. Otherwise, they will be so guarded that meetings will go nowhere.
  • Less time wasted in pointless meetings with candidates who are just 'curious'.

Intelligence Led Head-Hunting

Higher Acceptance Rates

We use experienced consultants who are skilled at developing effective rapport with candidates. This gives you real advantages:

  • Understand the candidate. We find out what really motivates the candidate. Then we help you frame the meeting and fine-tune the role to maximise your chances of success. 
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises. Uncover the  'outside developments' and reservations that ruin plans and quickly adapt solutions that head off trouble.
  • Get past critical periods. (Such as when the current employer counter-offers). We make sure we are there to offer advice and reassurance when it's most needed.
Headhunting FEES BY HALF
Intelligence-led head-hunting that have cut fees by half.

Will This Approach Work For You?

There is no solution that is right for every problem. That is why we developed a whole suite of solutions. It means we don't have to rely on 'selling' you one service that may not be the best way forward. Instead, we can use the appropriate solution to your specific problem.

If, for whatever reason, we are unable to offer a solution, we'll let you know straight away. At the very least, we'll do our best to try and point you in the right direction.

To find the best way forward for your particular issue, get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

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