Who they are, why you need them and why you shouldn't 'give up' trying to get them.

Who are ‘In-Demand’ Candidates?

We class ‘in-demand’ talent purely in recruitment terms. Specifically, they are the ones that are  ‘in-demand’ in the job marketplace. Usually, there isn’t enough of them to go around. Consequently, organisations are competing aggressively to recruit them.

They usually fall into two categories:

  1. Candidates with unique skills that are in short supply. Usually, it is in a niche area or in an expanding industry. Examples could be a specialist programmer in a particular application or an accountant with experience in a specific scenario. Without them, the organisation would struggle to take advantage of new opportunities and grow.
  2. Someone who is unusually good in their role. Their superior performance can significantly impact the success of the organisation. It could be a successful sales director with an exceptional track history in profit growth or it may be a resourceful operations manager who has transformed the profitability of their division.
Don’t give up!

Unfortunately, as everybody knows, it’s extraordinarily difficult to recruit these types of people. Sometimes it may seem like you are stuck on a treadmill getting nowhere. If you’ve been on it long enough, you may even be starting to think about compromising. But it is worth persevering.


It's impossible to be successful without extraordinary people.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder.- Developer

Getting the right people is the best guarantee of success an organisation can have.

Nothing else comes close.

That’s why we’re asking you to have at least one last try before you decide to ‘make do’. The ‘prize’ is just too much to give up. Especially when this time, by doing things a little differently, we may be able to tilt the odds decisively in your favour.

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