How we can achieve a higher success rate and still passing on substantial savings

Better Value And A Higher Success Rate

Our goal was to develop an approach that actually worked when it came to recruiting ‘in demand’ candidates.

However, it quickly became clear that the weaknesses in the standard approach didn't just increase the failure rate. It also drives up costs.

We found it was possible to not only achieve a higher success rate, but also to pass on substantial savings.

Where Do The Savings Come From?

  • A Higher Success Rate - The cost of failure to you is obvious - wasted time, pointless admin and temporary cover for the position. It's the same for the recruitment company. Our increased success rate means that we are far more efficient than most recruitment companies.
  • Focus v Scattergun - Most external providers take on a lot of assignments and commit just a small amount of time and money to each one. The one that happens to work needs to cover the losses for the rest. Unfortunately, this encourages a 'cheap' approach with low expectations, yet with an expensive bill to cover the other failed assignments.
  • Using The Right Method - Most organisations only offer one method of recruitment. If it's not appropriate, you could end up with nothing or pay needlessly for an expensive solution.  We have a whole suite of solutions, so we're never forced into that position.
  • A 'Real Partnership' Is The Easiest Way To Increases Your Success Rate And Lowers Your Costs - A lot of recruitment companies talk about a 'close partnership' with their clients. But how close is it really?
    • Do they help you identify "weak spots" in your recruitment approach that could be damaging your success rate?
    • Will they help you develop your own ways of generating candidates?
    • Even assuming they could - would they accept your input and reduce their fees accordingly?

Will Our Approach Work For You?

There is no solution that is right for every problem. That is why we developed a whole suite of solutions. What is important to note is that we have frequently achieved success where traditional methods have failed. If you've all but given up, it may still be worth getting in touch.

Even if we can't help you, we will give you our honest opinion on what we think your next step should be. 

Get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

You can do that here.

Substantial Savings

Headhunting Fees CUT BY HALF
Intelligence-led head-hunting that have cut fees by half.
Take TWO THIRDS Off Agency Advertising

Candidate Advertising around a third of the cost of agencies.

Even Better Value Next Time

Significantly increase your success rate and reduce the cost of future recruitment campaigns.