If you’ve invested money and time into recruiting ‘in-demand’ talent and got nothing - you’re not alone.

What's Going Wrong?

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The odds are Against you...

Have you invested money and time into recruiting ‘in-demand’ talent and got nothing back? If so, you’re not alone. The simple truth is that methods that work well in standard recruitment often fail miserably with in-demand candidates. What's more surprising is that most providers of recruitment services already know this.

'Standard' recruitment doesn't work

they know it won't work.

They may not tell you, but you can tell what they are thinking by how they treat your vacancy.

  • Ever had a meeting with an agency and then...nothing? Agencies don't want this type of business. They know they will probably be unsuccessful and therefore won't get paid.
  • Adverts designed with failure in mind. Quantity of response is prioritised over quality.  It helps hide the fact that the right people didn't respond.
  • Deliberately vague recruitment campaigns. All those unsuitable candidates are then sent to their other clients. Your failed campaign might still be a success for the recruitment company!
  • They don't suggest the obvious candidates. 'No Headhunting' contracts from ex-clients make assignments unworkable - especially for large recruiters or operators in small markets.
Do Recruitment Agencies Even Want Your Business?

Ever felt you had a good meeting only to never hear from them again?

Why Agencies Won't Help You Get An Offer Accepted

It's not always in their interest to let you make an offer. Letting you raise an existing offer almost always isn't...

'Standard' recruitment doesn't work

in fact, It works against you.

If you somehow get 'lucky' and find the right person, getting them to join you will be made harder - not easier.

  • Agencies increase competition and raise salary demands. 'In Demand' candidates will be sent to every one of their existing clients. On top of that, they will be 'marketed out' almost everywhere else to generate new clients.
  • Social Media that reduces your success rate. The usual tactics often increase candidate cynicism. This is difficult to overcome at the interview stage.
  • Headhunting that wastes your time. It's either guarded conversations that go nowhere or impossible negotiations with candidates demanding unrealistic salaries.

'Standard' recruitment doesn't work

And it never gets easier (or cheaper)

Everybody is selling you their own method of recruitment, yet no approach works in every situation. How often have you waited and waited until you give up and start the whole process again with somebody else?

Nobody really works in partnership with you (despite what they say). If they did, they would:

  • Show you what YOU could do to make your recruitment more successful. Over and over again, we’ve seen how just a small tweak can make a huge difference.
  • Make your next recruitment easier, cheaper and more successful. They would help you develop your own resources so that next time, you really can work as a partnership.
Better Value
Better Value And A Higher Success Rate
Intelligence-led head-hunting that have cut fees by half.

The good news

Despite grumbling about poor results, most organisations are still repeating the same mistakes. They keep trying to get the same old approach to work, hoping 'this time' something different will happen. That's good news for you. Whilst they keep going round in circles, we can help you tilt the odds significantly in your favour.

If you are interested in taking a look at an alternative, more focused approach to what is the most difficult area of recruitment, then please look around. "A Different Approach to In-Demand Recruitment" might be a good place to start.

If you like, you can always get in touch for an informal chat here. Even if we can’t help, we’ll try to at least point you in the right direction.